The Central Florida Kite Club is a group of laid back guys and gals that meet on a monthly basis to fly kites and create a spectacle in the sky whenever possible.

One of the main purposes of CFKC is to promote the fun, safety and enthusiasm of kite flying in Central Florida. Much of our focus is centered around educating the public about kites and participation in community events. We generally try to fly once a month at fields in the Central Florida area, weather permitting. We do occasionally fly on other days depending on weather conditions and available schedules of the group members.

If you were to venture out to a large empty field on any given weekend, you would likely see members flying large delta kites, parafoils, and stunt kites. As Central Florida encompasses a large portion of Florida, the CFKC has endeavored to hold our monthly kite events in a different location which allows more participation by members as well as the general public. So come out and join the fun.

Lets Fly Kites!